Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Monday (Week 5) Hi-Five!!!

          Week 5 is underway!!! Dr. D is out today on a trip, this is quite unfortunate because we really need to talk with him. The original plan was to use the GOES satellite and the auroras in order to have two points of reference and make the data far more accurate. However Goes is only 35000 km from Earth and is far too close considering the CME's are moving at about 600 km/sec, thats only a one minute gap... I need at least a 3-4 hour gap in order for it to be used as a second data point. :(   The plan is now to split up and scour the web for another particle detecter that is at L1 ( orbital point where Earth's gravity and the Sun's gravity are equivalent ). Google here we come... Again...

Matt, SC

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