Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday (Week 8) The final Monday with 3 Days Left!!!

             We turned in the research paper today!!! That means that all we have to do now is prepare for and present our presentation on Thursday!!! So we worked on presentation notes and prepared for the inevitable presentation day!!!

Matt, SC 

Friday (Week 7) The Last Cookout with 4 Days Remaining!!!

         We enjoyed the hot dogs and hamburgs at the cookout today. We also played Volleyball, which was very fun. I won 2 out of the three games we played... Ed won all 3 however. Anyway we worked on the research paper and should be done with it on Monday!!!

Matt, SC 

Thursday (Week 7) 5 Days remain!!!

          We finished up the rough draft of the research paper and sent it to Dr. Dube. We have to make some changes, but the majority of it is fine. We will finish that up on Friday and or Monday and then we will be completely done!!!

 Matt, SC

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wednesday (Week 7) 6 Days Remain!!!

         Nothing really changed today. Although we did get our powerpoint approved by Joe!!!! Now all we have to do is finish our research paper which is coming along slowly, but it is getting done nonetheless.

Matt, SC

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tuesday (Week 7) 7 Days of the Internship Remain!!!

              The final countdown has reached 7!!! Time is running out, but so is the work!!! We are almost done with everything and should be completely finished by friday!!! Then its just a matter of memorizing/going over the powerpoint presentation...

Matt, SC

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monday (Week 7) Only 8 Days of Work Remain!!!

         It's crunch time now. We have 8 days to put the final touches on our powerpoint and finish about half a research paper. It will be boring and slow going, but we have quite a bit of time and should be done with plenty of time to spare... I hope...

Matt, SC

Monday, August 15, 2011

Thursday (Week 6) Melles Griot FTW!!!

      We had our third trip today!!! It was to another lens manufacturer, similar to RPO (which was our first trip), however they were very restrictive and did not show much of their facility. It was kinda a bummer, but the free subs after at Pellgrino's made up for it. Me and Halle are out tomorrow... I's on a leaders retreat for my church youth group and Halle is visiting Cornell. So have a good weekend all!!!

Matt, SC