Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monday (Week 4) Four!!!

      Today was a little out of the ordinary we went to Rochester Precision Optics today on a field trip of sorts. We left at 10 and left in style. We rode in a tour bus that was more like a limo. (Video of it on Halle's Blog, halleexploresspaceweather.blogspot.com) It was so comfortable, I honestly would have slept in it if their weren't 20 other people on the bus. Once there we got to look at the production of optic lenses... it was an ok tour, but nothing to write home about. After we went to Pizza Hut and ate a "metric ton of pizza" as Alex put it. He was not that far off either, as a group we demolished that buffet. After that we went back to work...  Once there we were able to figure out the math involved to get the angle of projection now we just have to do it...    ' . '

        Matt, SC

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