Monday, July 11, 2011

And week 2 begins...

         Well today was the best of times and the worst of times all mashed together into one. I met Halle Orr, my fellow intern, and found out she was friends with many of my friends and we chatted and had a good time through and through. I also had fun messing around in Ed's lab listening to music and talking with each other. However this was the good side... I also was given a packet of equations from what must be a PhD text book or thesis. It's not fun and I barely understand it. Also my previous assignment of finding times in which mars is within in angle of 15 degrees of the earth failed at the final step so now I have to solve yet another issue with the math in order to make it work out and not break both the laws of physics and common sense.
I also have to ask Dr. Dube (henceforth going to be referred to as Dr. D) how I should go about fixing it and he is out for the afternoon... so that is why I am blogging right now, because I got nothing better to do.

                                                                Matt, SC

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